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Wizpop: Baby Driver Extras Get You Behind The Wheel of the Year's Best Movie

By Brian Walton

Wizpop: Baby Driver Extras Get You Behind The Wheel of the Year's Best Movie

Fans of Edgar Wright have been familiar with his unique ability to emulate but not blatantly replicate the genre cinema that inspired his tastes. With the Cornetto Trilogy, the writer director worked with Simon Pegg to create hybrids of classic American film tropes against the backdrop of the everyday british life. For Baby Driver, Edgar had the opportunity to create something he'd not fully embraced in past movies, a chase movie.

Baby Driver hits Blu-ray today with a plethora of special features for fans who want to dig into how this amazing movie got made. At an event at the Petersen Automotive Museum that we attended, Edgar Wright told us that DVD bonus features became his film school and in that spirit he supports the format with tons of bonus footage and behind the scenes documentaries. 

Included on the Blu-ray are over 20 minutes of extended scenes including a couple that didn't make the final cut of the movie. The best name for a song hidden in the casettes in the film becomes a behind the scenes featurette with "Mozart In A Go-Kart". The bts doc goes to the stunt track with lead Ansel Elgort as he learns to drive like Baby. 

The films sublime music is broken down in "I Need A Killer Track: The Music".  More features go into detail about how Edgar continued to work on Baby Driver over 20 years of his life including the music video for   Mint Royale's "Blue Song" -- the video where Edgar first experimented with choreographing a heist. All told there are over 15 features and extras on the disc.    

Baby Driver is on everyone's shortlist for best movie of the year, and its fairly obvious as to why -- Edgar Wright cares about film and this film in particular. He invested himself into it and the work shines. See how he pulled it together by sleeping on mats between set ups, writing incessantly between making The World's End and Ant-Man, and see the pure joy that this set had going for it in all of the Baby Driver Bonus features.

Watch the Wizpop episode above for more details on Edgar Wright's love of Walter Hill's The Driver and a chance to win  a special edition Baby Driver art print and glasses. And watch our livestream from the Baby Driver Petersen Automotive Museum for a cool Kid Koala set.