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Witchblade Returns in December With a Female Creative Team and a New Heroine

By Blair Marnell

Witchblade Returns in December With a Female Creative Team and a New Heroine

In 2015, Top Cow brought its signature series, Witchblade, to an end after 185 issues and a twenty year run. Now, Witchblade is getting a comeback before the end of the year with a new lead character and the first female creative team in the title’s history.

Earlier this week, Top Cow announced that writer Caitlin Kitteridge and artist Roberta Ingranata will take on the Witchblade relaunch, which will focus on Alex Underwood. Much like her predecessor Sara Pezzini, Alex will become the Witchblade’s new bearer after narrowly surviving a near-death experience. For Sara, it was especially traumatic, since she was gunned down and watched her partner die in front of her. 

Ingranata told us how she became involved in the relaunch. “After I worked on Robyn Hood's series published by Zenescope Entertaintment, I was contacted by Top Cow for a collaboration,” she says. “They told me about the new Witchblade's amazing project, and I was so grateful to be part of this wonderful world. I'm a big Witchblade fan so it's an honor for me. Working with Caitlin is wonderful; I love her writing style, we work together with great harmony.” 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t convince Ingranata to part with any spoilers, but she did share the name of a character from the book. “My absolute favorite character is Majil. You'll know him very soon!”

Witchblade has largely been an artist-driven comic for most of its existence, with memorable runs by the late Michael Turner, Randy Green, Keu Cha, and Stjepan Sejic, among others. It was also widely known as one of Top Cow’s most popular cheesecake books, since the Witchblade had a tendency to rip apart Sara’s clothing. The later issues of the book, particularly under writer Ron Marz, moved away from that direction and gave her, shall we say, more durable armor.

During the final issues of the series Sara Pezzini prepared to part with the Witchblade and reclaim her life, with the knowledge that it would go to a new bearer. It’s not clear if the new series will be a direct continuation or if Sara will make any appearances. There’s already a two-year gap since the last issue, and that could be reflected in the new title as well. 

While we don’t know too much about the new Witchblade bearer yet, Top Cow publisher and Witchblade co-creator Marc Silvestri indicated that Alex is a bit of a throwback heroine. In other words, she’s heroic because she chooses to be. “Everywhere you look in the real world, you’ll see a hero,” shared Silvestri. "People that, when given the choice, will simply do the right thing. Because that’s what a hero does. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, as it often means being selfless. Without hesitation. But again, that’s what a hero does. Our most enduring superheroes come from this simple idea: people choosing to do the right thing. People like the wielders of the Witchblade.”

Witchblade #1 will be released on Wednesday, December 6.

Images: Top Cow