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Could Batman Marrying Catwoman Be The Best Thing For Both Characters?

By Eric Diaz

Could Batman Marrying Catwoman Be The Best Thing For Both Characters?

For years, Batman has been comics' perennial bachelor. Not due to lack of ladies in his life of course - Bruce was always the superhero version of James Bond when it came to having numerous female companions, almost since day one. And although there were a few ladies who were always linked to him romantically on a regular basis, he was simply never the "marrying kind," aside from alternate universe versions of him.

That is seemingly all about to change, as in this latest issue of Batman, issue #32,  Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, said yes to his proposal of marriage to her, in an issue written by Tom King. Now, the wedding hasn't actually happened yet, and this being comics, all kinds of things could happen before Bruce and Selina are bonded in holy matrimony. But we actually think this time, DC is going to go through with it. Here is why we think it's a good idea: 

For starters, Catwoman is one of DC Comics' most prominent and iconic characters, female or otherwise. Your grandma knows who she is. Yet it's been awhile since she's had a series of her own and she's seemingly fallen by the wayside once more. She deserves a place in the DC Universe on a regular basis again. If being married to Batman raises her profile somewhat so she can have her own series again, so be it, if that's what it takes. Selina Kyle has flirted between hero and villain for decades now, but if she marries Batman she'll have to make a permanent decision. That choice will most likely be hero. We think she's long since earned the status of fully fledged superhero as without the occasional theft, she is to her hood what Daredevil is to Hell's Kitchen.

This change would also be great for Batman. DC tried to "de age" their heroes to their mid 20s when the New 52 started back in 2011 to be rejected by just about everyone. No one wants twenty something versions of Superman or Batman, these guys are the literal representation of the older, wiser, and most established heroes. Turning back the clock and making them young seemed wrongheaded. The fans responded in kind. Now with Rebirth, DC is writing their best Superman comic in years, in large part due to the fun and new dynamic of Superman and his wife Lois Lane raising their young son Jonathan. 

The funny thing is, Batman already has a nuclear family, and has for a very long time. There's the eldest son and heir (Dick Grayson), the black sheep brother (Jason), the nerdy middle child (Tim), and the spoiled brat youngest (Damian), who also happens to be his biological son. There's the cool cousin (Batwoman), not to mention surrogate daughters like Batgirl, Spoiler and Orphan. Really, all that's missing for him at this point is a wife and romantic partner. Who better than Catwoman, the woman who can hold her own with Batman more than anyone else, and has been the leading lady in his life since 1940?

The broody, lone wolf Batman really has been gone for awhile now. Since 1940 to be exact, when Robin was first introduced. For fans who love solo, "year one" style Batman stories, DC will likely always produce those. But we think most DC fans don't want to see their characters stuck in perpetual bachelorhood, and no woman is more worthy of being the matriarch of the Bat-family than Selina Kyle. It's long overdue. Though we doubt anyone is wearing white to this black tie affair.

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