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Who Is Michelle Williams Playing in the VENOM Movie?

By Blair Marnell

Who Is Michelle Williams Playing in the VENOM Movie?

Sony’s Venom movie is just over a year away, but the cast is coming together quickly. Michelle Williams is in talks to play the female lead in Venom, opposite Tom Hardy’s title character. Variety was the first to report the news, but the outlet didn’t offer much information about Williams’ role. We only know that she’s playing a District Attorney, and that she may be the love interest of Hardy’s Eddie Brock, the alter ego of Venom. 

So, who could Williams possibly be playing the film? Keep in mind, Sony and Marvel Studios are not collaborating on Venom, so it won’t have any direct ties to Spider-Man. This means that the film has to create its own mythology for Venom from the ground up. Williams could potentially be playing a completely new character who has nothing to do with the comics at all. But considering that Sony has access to nearly every Spider-Man related character who isn’t in his immediate supporting cast, it’s far more likely that Williams will be playing a previously established creation.

If so, the natural choice for Williams is Anne Weying, Eddie Brock’s ex-wife from the comics. It’s almost perfect, because Anne is, or rather, she was, a lawyer. Anne and Eddie had a very complex and rocky relationship, but it seems clear that he really cared about her. That’s why he sent the Venom symbiote to save her life after she was mortally wounded. Because of that, Anne briefly became She-Venom, and she also became an even more violent anti-heroine than Eddie. But this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Eddie took back the costume, and Anne eventually took her own life after she was severely traumatized by the experience. 

We’re pretty sure that Anne makes the most sense this movie, but there is at least one other female Venom worth considering: Patricia Robertson. During the short-lived Venom series from 2003, Patricia was bonded with a clone of the Venom symbiote and forced to confront an alien conspiracy alongside the original Venom. That could make for some intriguing possibilities, and Patricia’s experience as a U.S. Army communications specialist could make her ideal as a host for the clone. However, she seems like a character that would probably be better suited for a sequel rather than the first film in a series. 

To be honest, Venom doesn’t have a lot of female characters in his orbit and that dramatically cuts down on the possible characters that Williams could play. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other potential candidates if we widen the search. And who says that Williams has to be one of the film’s heroic characters? If the film goes in another direction, there’s always Donna Diego, the young woman who became the host of Venom’s offspring, Scream. She worked for the cult-like Life Foundation, which attempted to prepare for nuclear armageddon by forcing the Venom symbiote to reproduce. 

Unlike Eddie, Donna had mental problems even before she was joined with the new symbiote. Before her relatively recent demise in the comics, Scream did have a heroic turn when she sided with Venom in the “Planet of the Symbiotes” storyline. That could make for a redemption arc on the big screen, if the filmmakers go in that direction.

We’ll find out who Williams is playing soon enough. The Venom movie is currently scheduled to be released on October 5, 2018. To meet that date, production will have to start within the near future. 

Images: Marvel Comics, IFC