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These Season 3 Rick and Morty Remixes are Some of the Schwiftiest Things We've Heard

By Blake Rodgers

These Season 3 Rick and Morty Remixes are Some of the Schwiftiest Things We've Heard

With the third season of Rick and Morty all wrapped up (or so we think) in one existentially depressing bow, some fans might already be feeling the loss of their favorite inter-dimensional duo in their lives. The fourth season will eventually happen, but what is there to do with all that squanching free time?

Our advice is to rejoice in the massive amount of fan-made Rick and Morty stuff out there in the world. There'll be more than enough podcasts to binge, fan-art to ogle, and -- really -- there's always reruns. Our advice? Lose yourself this deep dive of the musical stylings of Youtube's Chetreo and each of the remixes he made for just about every episode of the latest season of the show.

Most of Chetreo's songs for season three lean heavily on pop and EDM influences. Each takes audio and video chunks of the show and mixes them into incredibly catchy songs that, for the most part, grabs onto the bigger takeaways from each episode. "I Am Alive" takes its hook from the robot version of Morty lashing out in a fit of self-aware sentience in the second episode "Rickmancing the Stone"

This one is pretty self explanatory and celebrates one of the bigger additions to pop-culture from this season with a little bit of auto-tune. Tell you what, meet you in the next sentence once you listen to "Pickle Rick" about 15 times.

Kudos to Chetreo for working with the music that was already in "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender." The Logic concert at the end of the episode serves as a bit of the verse while he constructed a different, and dare we say, more appealing chorus.

There better be a band somewhere with roots in early 2000s pop punk that plays "Whirly Dirly" at live shows.

Same goes for a synth pop ska band with this song. Especially with those final harmonies that use the phrase "penis in the foreskin kind of love."

"Outnumbered" sort of sounds like an uplifting award show collaboration but comes around with an admirablly catchy dubstep-like drop in the chorus.

What's strange is that the episodes that ended up being, let's say, more fun somehow seem to result in songs that gave Chetreo complete phrases to auto-tune as choruses. And they're often, at least, part of the the episode's actual titles.

Again, props to Chetreo for incorporating the music that's already in the episode. And it's really an accomplishment when that music is a touching song replete with the words "doo-doo" and "butt" called "Fathers and Daughters."

And to cap of the season finale, "The Rickchurian Mortydate", is yet another song that would feel right at home when played by any pop punk band. Although perhaps with a little more vocal effects and synthesizer than usual.

In the wise words of Mr. Poopybutthole "Ooh wee! What a season!" There's likely a long, long until new episodes but Chetreo's songs are certainly worth re-visiting during the break.

Image: Adult Swim | Rick and Morty