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The Search For Tony Stark Begins in Invincible Iron Man #593 (Exclusive Preview)

By Blair Marnell

The Search For Tony Stark Begins in Invincible Iron Man #593 (Exclusive Preview)

Ever since the events of Civil War 2, Tony Stark has been out of commission and seemingly comatose after his battle with Captain Marvel. And in the worst case ever of “While You Were Sleeping,” Tony’s good buddy, Captain America took over the world during the Secret Empire event. But now, Hydra Cap is out and good Cap is in for the new era of Marvel Legacy. And if the newly renumbered Invincible Iron Man #593 is any indication.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis is being joined by Stefano Caselli, the new artist of the series for “The Search for Tony Stark” Part 1. As you may have seen in Marvel Legacy #1, Tony’s body has gone missing, and he wasn’t exactly in shape to get up and walk away under his own power. Somebody took him, but why? On this first page from Invincible Iron Man #593, we see a glimpse of the culprit.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Tony’s current on board A.I. is named Friday, and she has also been incorporated into the comics. In this first page of a two-page spread, Friday gives a very long expository monologue on where things stand in relation to Iron Man. For the benefit of everyone’s sanity, we’re going to shorten it here. Since Tony went down, there have been three other Iron Men, so to speak. There’s Riri Williams, the young girl who has created a name for herself as Ironheart. Her main rival for the mantle of Iron Man’s successor has been Doctor Doom, who has seemingly reformed since Secret Wars. But we know that won’t last!

The third and final contender is Tony Stark himself. Or rather, his A.I. counterpart, who has a suit of armor of his own. If we had to guess, we’d say that A.I. Tony may have kidnapped his real counterpart. Also, this page offers one of the best looks yet at Friday’s avatar form, which is not at all how we pictured her.  

 Finally, this double page splash features the annual Tony Stark International Sciences Expo, or the Stark Expo for short. On the left side, there’s an unexpected pic of the Fantastic Four, and in the top right, you’ll see a reference to the Illuminati, Tony’s group of super regents and geniuses who almost hastened the death of the multiverse in the lead up to Secret Wars. And they destroyed worlds to save our own That’s probably not Tony’s proudest moment!

Invincible Iron Man #593 will be released on Wednesday, October 18. Given the fact that issue #600 is just a few months away, we’ll bet that will be the conclusion of the current storyline.

Images: Marvel Comics