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The First Sky Teaser Trailer Takes Us to the Clouds

By Blair Marnell

The First Sky Teaser Trailer Takes Us to the Clouds

Thatgamecompany’s Journey was one of our favorite online games of the last few years, and the company has just unveiled a thematic sequel of sorts. Sky is coming soon, but only if you have Apple TV, iPhone, or an iPad. That’s why the announcement was made at the iPhone event earlier this week.

The first teaser trailer for Sky definitely reminds us of Journey, if Journey were set in the clouds. If the multiple characters in the trailer are any indication, Sky will retain the multiplayer interaction that made Journey such an engrossing experience. And rather than walk on the clouds, the new
characters apparently have the ability to fly as they literally explore the sky. There also appears to be some kind of portal or gateway in the heavens, but we don’t know too much about it at this point.

There is some good news if you don’t have any of the Apple products: Sky will eventually make its way to other platforms, and we wouldn’t be shocked at all to see it end up on Playstation 4 and Xbox One at some point. It is a mobile game, but Sky’s Apple TV incarnation can supposedly handle 4K resolution. That seems like a feature that would only be necessary if other console ports were coming in the future.

Multiplayer support will include up to eight players from around the world, which may make Sky more of a team experience than Journey. Remember, Journey was all about collaboration and companionship, not competition. That may be why it was such a refreshing experience. Strangers could play together, but communication was limited to only a few in-game actions. We’re curious to see if Sky also retains those limitations: while we’d love to see more options to interact with the other players, it may make sense to keep things simple.

Image: Apple