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Take Stranger Things Home With You as Hasbro Board Games!

By Shawn DePasquale

Take Stranger Things Home With You as Hasbro Board Games!

Hot on the heels of the Stranger Things mobile game Hasbro Gaming has announced the debut of its first collection of games inspired by the popular series. Fans can fully immerse themselves in the Upside Down by grabbing a Stranger Things Ouija board, a special edition Monopoly set or the all-new Eggo Card Game. All three products are lovingly detailed with images and references to the hit series, so while this might feel like a merchandising cash-grab at least everything is of the highest quality.

Eggo Card Game: It’s like a cross-promotional overload as Eggo Brand waffles get in on this Hasbro/Stranger Things mashup!  Players can pick between Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Elven, Hopper or Barb as their character before drawing four EGGO cards with various "suspenseful" outcomes. Some might send you to the Upside Down, reverse the order of play (diabolical!) or summon the dreaded Demogorgon! The winner is the person who escapes the Upside Down and gets rid of all their cards before the Demogorgon attacks and you end up like Barb.

Stranger Things Ouija board: It's a classic Ouija board with a Stranger Things makeover! The whole board looks like the wall in Will's mom's house complete with christmas lights and dripping paint. Other than that, it's just a Ouija board. Milage may vary, but if you're searching for a lost friend, tracking down a monster or trying to contact your great-great-great-grandpa -- and you happen to be a Stranger Things superfan -- this product is your new best friend!

Monopoly: Stranger Things Edition - Need yet another reason to hate your family and fight with your friends? Are the political divides in this country not enough for your endless need for conflict? If you answered "yes" to either of those two question than Monopoly is the game for you. If you happen to also love Stranger Things, bonus! Everything has been given a Hawkins, Indiana makeover, from the player tokens -- which include a silver bicycle, camera, television and tennis show -- to the properties. Also, instead of New Jersey-based locations players can now purchase show-inspired locations like “Mike’s Basement” or “Steve’s Pool” and own your own future crime scene.

The Eggo Card Game is for players 12 and up, but the other two games have a recommended age of 14 and up presumably because contacting the world of the dead and screwing friends out of money is an older-kid thing. Prices vary from $14.99-$24.99, but a quick Amazon search shows those to be on par with other Hasbro releases. You can buy the Ouija board and Monopoly right now, but the Eggo game (with box art so wonderful it’s almost worth buying just to display) is not due out until later this fall.

The second season of Stranger Things the TV show, which drops all 13-episodes on October 27th, is just two weeks away!

Images: Hasbro