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Relive Your Childhood With Funko's Disney Afternoon Action Figures

By Blake Rodgers

Relive Your Childhood With Funko's Disney Afternoon Action Figures

Long before the invention of the DVR, YouTube, and any sort of on-demand streaming service, actually watching TV when it aired was pretty much the only way to get your entertainment (unless you could program a VCR, but who knew how to do THAT?). Nowadays it's crazy to think that plans used to change around something airing other than a sporting event. "No, can't hang out Friday night," people would say as they were itching to watch the latest episodes of the TGIF block. "Sunday's a no-go" others would protest knowing The Simpsons had a new episode. And "No way, Jose, we're just a bunch of plucky kids getting out of school and need to run home to watch Disney Afternoon before completing our homework," said no-one, because kids don't explain themselves with that level of articulation. Still, an entire generation rushed home to watch the block of programming known as the Disney Afternoon. Chances are, you were one of those kids, clicked on this article, are reading this sentence, and are utterly delighted for these new Disney figures from Funko!

A recent blog post by the purveyors of plastic pop-culture perfection announced these fully articulated action figures as part of their The Disney Afternoon Collection. Each stand about 3 ¾ inches tall and a few have their own accessories. Scrooge McDuck comes with his signature cane and bag of money which, come to think of it, is probably the worst way to transport currency. Why hasn't Ducktales figured out electronic banking yet? Does the new show have an episode dealing with the confusion of credit card chip readers?

The new Funko line also includes characters from other shows including TaleSpinDarkwing Duck, and Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. Baloo certainly needs to exist in toy form for a show like TaleSpin but it's a shame there's not a Kit Cloudkicker figure with his air foil board as of yet. You know, forget Duckburg's financial system, how did Cape Suzette's social services not take Kit away from Baloo? He let a child constantly jump out of a plane.

The Darkwing Duck figures are pretty much perfect with the exception of missing a little purple accent around his gas gun's barrel. Chalk that up to probably not wanting to paint thousands of tiny plastic castings. Darkwing also comes in a -- somehow more evil-looking than NegaDuck -- limited chase edition in black and white with a rarity of 1-in-6.

And the Chip and Dale figures round out this rag-tag group of Disney Afternoon figures with a bonus of Zipper the fly hitching a ride in Dale's packaging.

It's likely that Funko went with what most would consider the main characters for each show considering most are named in their titles. There are dozens of fan favorites from each show that could make this line immensely collectible especially considering how accurate they are to their animated counterparts. Seeing these figures exactly as they were in the cartoons seems to suit the characters more than if they were in Dorbz or Pop! form.

The blog post states these are all due out in November of this year, so...just in time to make that Disney-loving person in your life re-live the joys of afternoon adventures. Hint hint.

Images: Funko