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Rampage Trailer Doesn't Quite Let You Play as the Monster

By Luke Y. Thompson

Rampage Trailer Doesn't Quite Let You Play as the Monster

Okay, so...the filmmakers are aware that the original Rampage video game is basically King Kong times three. That's good. But they might have missed the part where the main appeal is to play as the monsters.

The monsters in the game are mutated humans -- to get it right, the Rock should have become George. Instead, they're innocent animals made berserk due to circumstances beyond their control, which is more Mighty Joe Young than Kong. Making them former humans would also even the score a bit -- it's harder to root for clueless animals who aren't at fault to get shot at, as even the original Kong usually garners sympathy that way, and he's a sexual assaulter who eats people.

To win in the movie, Dwayne Johnson must presumably save the city. To win in the game, you must destroy it utterly. The latest Kong incarnation, Skull Island, understood this dynamic. It's not clear Rampage will, but what the's still cool to get another kaiju movie, even if it isn't true to source.

Oh, and Negan versus the Rock, apparently? That's like a mini-kaiju fight in itself.

Image: Warner Bros.