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LIVE-STREAMING! Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Is Here!

By Luke Y. Thompson

LIVE-STREAMING! Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Is Here!
So much to unpack here! 

Rey and Kylo both have unprecedented power?

A flashback to the destruction of the Jedi Academy?

All the feels when Kylo talks about killing the past and we see Carrie Fisher?


Snoke confronts Rey? Rey might take Kylo's hand? Gorilla walkers? TIE fighters in the new era safe to fly without helmets, apparently?

And angry, angry Luke.

Pardon us while we watch this 50 more times for all the nuances.

We've seen some of these poster elements before, separately, on merchandise and packaging, but now it's all come together on one pretty spoiler-free poster that only shows you characters you already know about, as well as the Resistance Ski Speeders and First Order "Gorilla Walkers." In an echo of The Force Awaken' poster, Rey and Kylo's weapons once again make parallel lines, though this time they face away from one another. And Phasma looks ready for some serious stick-fighting:

Keep your eyes right here and keep hitting the refresh button, as we'll be live-streaming with Bea Longshore from Downtown Disney's trailer premiere party, and we'll have the trailer itself as soon as it's online -- you need not fear that you might accidentally see some sports in the process!

Images: Lucasfilm