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Our Report From Hasbro's HASCON - WizPop Minute

By Blake Rodgers

Our Report From Hasbro's HASCON - WizPop Minute

Name any sort of fandom and we’re certain there’s a convention for it. Hasbro, purveyors of everything we loved as children (and everything we love today if we’re being honest) threw their hat into the ring about a year ago with an announcement of their very own convention. Over the weekend, their vision became a reality with the very first HASCON FANmily™ Event!

The first-of-its-kind event took place September 8-10 and people from all over gathered in Providence, Rhode Island to celebrate every bit of fun that Hasbro has to offer. It offered a weekend of fun-filled celebration that included massive toy-centric installations, musical performances from Daya and Flo-Rida, and celebrity guests like Stan Lee, Mark Wahlberg, and James Gunn, to name a few. Hasbro did their home state proud and even got some fan-boy love from U.S. Congressman, David Cicilline.

Where HASCON sets itself apart from other more adult-oriented conventions (not the creepy kind) was their focus on family and the knowledge that kids truly drive their brands. They meant it when they named it a “FANmily” event because there wasn’t a single part of the convention that wasn’t welcoming to both young and old. Well, except maybe Wahlberg pressing his hands into Play-Doh. That’s just for those who can appreciate a good bicep workout. Look-it-dem guns!

Once inside the Rhode Island Convention Center and after a quick turn onto the main floor, attendees were met with a towering statue of Optimus Prime standing among some of the cars from the Transformers film series. As one might expect, there were movie props from the Star Wars, Marvel, and Transformers film series and large cases displaying toys and collectibles posed in a snapshot of some great battle.

To most con-goers this would be normal fare, but HASCON’s focus on family is what made it special. Throughout the convention, so much was set at kid-friendly heights making all manner of Hasbro toys and games available to little ones. Though there was one great reference to a certain film that is definitely not for children...

Michael Bay might never have wanted to make that reference, but Mark Wahlberg is unstoppable.

Massive bins full of parts for Star Wars Bladebuilders begged little Jedi to choose their paths, My Little Pony’s “Ponification” makeover station was full of glitz and glam, and the Nerf area -- well -- let’s say we didn’t know that many Nerf Darts even existed. They even dedicated an entire ballroom to the massive Magic: The Gathering tournaments that took place over the weekend.

While it’s hard to pinpoint our favorite part of any convention, our nerdy comic-loving hearts always tend to gravitate toward those special gems that not everyone notices. Sure, infinite Nerf darts, Play-Doh, and other toys are great and all but feast your eyes on the upcoming Deadpool Nerf guns, complete with a place to hold a taco!

Purdy, ain’t they?

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Images: Hasbro, Blake Rodgers