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New Official Doctor Who Image Showcases Jodie Whittaker's Quirkiness

By Luke Y. Thompson

New Official Doctor Who Image Showcases Jodie Whittaker's Quirkiness

Remember when Matt Smith was first cast as the Doctor, and so many fans went "AAAAAAARGH he's young and handsome and not weird-looking WHYYYYY?" but then he turned out to be kinda weird-looking and definitely weird-acting and a lot of people's favorite in the end?

Here's a picture for all the fans who, upon hearing about a female Doctor, went "AAAAAAARGH she's hot and I don't want to be attracted to a Doctor because I always wanted to BE the Doctor and this confuses me!" Turns out she dresses quirkily and makes funny faces just like most of the others.

While the shoes are vaguely fashionable -- with socks that match the TARDIS -- this Doctor has at least one hallmark of her advanced age, in pants hiked up above her waist, thanks to some very Mork-ish suspenders (and matching rainbow shirt). A long jacket, of course, has been something both Tennant and Capaldi favored.

Now let's talk about the hair. The dark roots imply that this is a Doctor who dyes her hair but doesn't care quite enough to do it regularly, and if you're going to say "male Doctors don't think about their hair," consider how regularly Eccleston would have had to keep his head buzzed, or Hurt to trim his goatee, or almost any of them must have shaved...unless Time Lord hair magically stays the same, in which case this discussion is pointless.

Not that it wasn't. We are, after all, talking about a picture you can see with your own eyes. Or eye. Look, we're not judging if you lost one.

Image: BBC