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New Mortal Kombat Action Figures in Classic Masters of the Universe Style

By Luke Y. Thompson

New Mortal Kombat Action Figures in Classic Masters of the Universe Style

Retro figures are evolving.

In the '90s, collectors went crazy for Mego-style reproductions. Over the past decade, 3-3/4 inch figures done in Star Wars style have shown up for just about every '80s and '90s cult film you can think of. But now? Funko is going all-in on Masters of the Universe-styled 5.5" super-muscular bodies. It worked for them on Son of Zorn, and with Super7 preparing to release animated style retro Masters figures, they have now unveiled a Mortal Kombat line ready to take the Outworld battle to Eternia.

It's nice that they're taking this seriously and remembering that, at the time, Masters of the Universe was what passed for a super-detailed line. And they're going one better by not recycling body parts as often as Mattel did. It's a slight shame that they don't all have unique action features like most MOTU ended up having, but then again, given the nature of these characters, any action feature they might have could very easily get inappropriate in a hurry.

Interesting that despite the super-steroided stylization, Kitana comes out looking fairly body-positive. The same can't quite be said for the guys.

MK's general mixture of science and fantasy is a good match for the Masters. Mosquitor from the vintage line would feel right at home with these guys, and Blast-Attak is excellent as punching practice. But can Shao Kahn withstand Hordak? Dang, now we need a crossover fighting game that Mattel will never in a million years allow.

Funko's Mortal Kombat figures will arrive in January.

Images: Funko

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