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New Hellboy Omnibuses Coming in 2018

By Blair Marnell

New Hellboy Omnibuses Coming in 2018

Hellboy is dead, and we’re never going to see Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy 3. But it’s never really the end for the world’s greatest paranormal investigator! Starting next year, Hellboy’s story will be collected from start to finish in a new series of Hellboy Omnibus editions from Dark Horse Comics.

Entertainment Weekly made the announcementthat Mike Mignola’s signature creation will be recollected just in time to take advantage of the new Hellboy movie from director Neil Marshall and Stranger Things star David Harbour. The Hellboy Ominbus editions will be the first time that fans will be able to follow his adventures in chronological order. According to Dark Horse, the four main volumes will cover Seed of Destruction, Strange Places, The Wild Hunt, and Hellboy In Hell. There will also be two separate volumes that collect the various Hellboy short stories. Previous collections were published in the order that they were released, which wasn’t exactly a reader friendly way to experience the tale.

Each of these omnibus collections will feature a new Hellboy cover by Mignola himself, several of which were unveiled by EW. In fact, Mignola will be selling prints of his cover for Hellboy Omnibus Volume 3: The Wild Hunt this weekend at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, as part of a fundraiser for the Houston Food Bank’s Hurricane Harvey relief.

Prior to creating Hellboy, Mignola was one of Marvel and DC’s go-to artists for his unique style, which made him well suited for darker horror stories. And while there are definitely elements of horror in the Hellboy universe, the title character is a refreshingly normal everyman who just happens to be the Beast of the Apocalypse. Hellboy is also a working class hero who doesn’t have to hide his half-demon nature from the general public of his world. In fact, he’s pretty tame compared to the horrific threats that he often faces alone.

For the first Hellboy story, Seeds of Destruction, Mignola was actually joined by legendary writer and artist, John Byrne. Together, they laid out the foundation for Mignola’s creator owned universe, including the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, as well as Hellboy’s supporting cast: Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien. Both Liz and Abe have gone on to headline their own stories within the BPRD series and spinoffs.

Last year, Mignola seemingly brought the Hellboy saga to its end in Hellboy in Hell, but the title character has continued to appear in flashback one-shots and the recurring Hellboy and the BPRD miniseries that take place in the ‘50s. Mignola’s BPRD series of miniseries is still ongoing, and we haven’t given up hope of eventually seeing Hellboy return from Hell. If anyone can come back from that ending, it’s him!

Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1: Seeds of Destruction will be released in summer 2018, with the remaining volumes set to follow in fall and winter. The new Hellboy film is also expected to be released in 2018, but hopefully not the week before another comic book movie! That didn’t work out so well for Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Are you excited about the new editions of Hellboy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: Dark Horse