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Lyft Is Playing Stranger Things Pranks on Certain Customers

By Luke Y. Thompson

Lyft Is Playing Stranger Things Pranks on Certain Customers

Maybe this serves you right for not having a bicycle to ride? Ride-share service Lyft, generally known by its secret identity of "Uber but not as douchey," is promoting Stranger Things with a unique twist that has captured certain riders extremely unawares...

Digging the Lyft logo in that font. So basically, the tip-off is if your driver starts talking about his childhood in ways that happen to suspiciously mirror a certain Netflix series. And let's be thankful for small mercies -- at least his backstory is based on the kids, and not the sheriff, or you'd most likely be in a possible DUI situation.

Then the GPS messes up. The driver -- evidently a method actor -- barfs up a slug. And then stuff gets seriously cray-cray. You might say your evening plans just got turned upside down.

Only now you'll be prepared for it if it happens. And it could happen if you call a Lyft in Philadelphia or Los Angeles today and tomorrow (Oct 27-28, if you're reading this belatedly and have just joined us). The only downside to this plan is that tomorrow, the folks who will appreciate the prank the most will all be home bingeing Stranger Things on Netflix!

Talk about a barb in the tail...

Image: Netflix