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Let’s Listen to the My Little Pony: The Movie Soundtrack Together

By Sherilyn Connelly

Let’s Listen to the My Little Pony: The Movie Soundtrack Together

My Little Pony: The Movie won’t be released until October 6, but the soundtrack dropped this past Friday. All but one of the songs are legally available on YouTube, so let’s dig in and speculate!

We Got This Together” - Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Granny Smith, Applebloom, Big Mac

...and also Spike, who sings two lines but is left out of the song’s roster. Speaking of things that are missing, there’s no apparent theme song; the first four Equestria Girls films had prologues and opening credit sequences, but it appears this movie will forgo them in modern blockbuster style. The IMDB does list an “End Title Sequence” by The Book of Life’s title designer, however.

I’m the Friend You Need” – Capper (Taye Diggs)

Taye Diggs is a handsome man with a wonderful singing voice, and in the film Rarity is enthralled by his character, the roguish cat Capper. It’s easy to hear why.

Time To Be Awesome” - Captain Celaeno (Zoe Saldana), Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Boyle, First Mate Mullet, Lix Spittle

A percussive number set on a pirate ship, but also a Rainbow Dash song that isn’t “CHS Rally Song,” so, enh, whatevs.

One Small Thing” – Princess Skystar (Kristin Chenoweth), Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity

Bouncy, Pinkie Pie-led silliness, and the in-movie song that feels the most inessential out of context.

Open Up Your Eyes” – Tempest Shadow (Emily Blunt)

In addition to allowing songwriter Daniel Ingram to spread his orchestral wings à la “The Midnight in Me,” this song demonstrates why we’re excited for next year’s Mary Poppins Returns: Emily Blunt has some serious pipes, and it’s criminal that this is the first time she’s sung in a film since 2014’s Into the Woods.

Rainbow” – Sia

My Little Pony: The Movie’s hugest score is surely Sia as Songbird Serenade, Equestria’s biggest pop star. (Them’s the breaks, Sapphire Shores and Coloratura.) As Pony songs featuring the word “rainbow” go, this achingly melancholic track comes in a close third after Rainbow Rocks’ franchise-high “Shine Like Rainbows” and Annette Summersett’s obscure “You Are a Rainbow.” By Sia soundtrack standards, it’s no “Waving Goodbye” from The Neon Demon, but few songs are as good as that one.

Off to See the World” – Lukas Graham

It’s uncertain if any of these non-character tracks will be in the film proper, but since this infectious, propulsive pop song was used in the trailer, it seems like a contender to play over the end titles.

Thank You For Being a Friend” – Rachel Platten

Yes, it’s hilarious that the title is the same as the Golden Girls theme song, but it’s also a great R&B jam that feels like a Beyoncé B-side.

Can You Feel It” – DNCE

If Rachel Platten’s song was Beyoncé-esque – which is a compliment, to be sure -- then DNCE’s “Can You Feel It” has a nice Justin Timberlake groove with suitably funky breaks.

I’ll Chase the Sky” – Jessie James Decker

A slow-burning country number with some dreamy atmospherics.

No Better Feelin’” – CL

Some nice individual elements, such as the synthesized whistles and the hints of party ambience, but it doesn’t add up to much.

I’ll Be Around” – Palmer Reed

Much like the CL song, this one is pleasant and inoffensive, but isn’t an earworm like Lukas Graham’s “Off to See the World.”

Neighsayer” – Lukas Nelson

Who would have guessed that the My Little Pony: The Movie soundtrack would close with a soft acoustic ballad by Willie Nelson’s son? Nopony, but it’s a lovely surprise all the same. Fun fact: both Lukas Nelson and Lukas Graham were born within a few months of each other in 1988. Lukas-with-a-K baby names were evidently a thing at the time.

Overall, this album is an odd duck compared to the all-killer-no-filler Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls soundtracks. But considering that the new movie is designed to have mainstream appeal, it makes sense for the ancillary album to be designed to attract people who aren’t Pony fans but who might be drawn in by the presence of Sia or Lukas Graham.  (It also helps that the Sia and Graham tracks are the strongest.)  It most resembles the “Music from and Inspired by” soundtracks which were once all the rage, such as Spider-Man and 8 Mile, and if this bifurcated album helps My Little Pony: The Movie become even a tenth as successful as those films, it will all have been worth it.

Featured image: Lionsgate/Hasbro