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J.J. Abrams Will Complete the New Star Wars Trilogy and Have to Pay off His Own Mysteries

By Luke Y. Thompson

J.J. Abrams Will Complete the New Star Wars Trilogy and Have to Pay off His Own Mysteries

One of the oddest tidbits to have emerged in the ramp up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi was that there was no story mapped out for it. Writer-director Rian Johnson has implied that it was up to him to solve plot mysteries like what Luke was doing in seclusion (which he says he will answer) and who Snoke is (which he most likely won't), as if J.J. Abrams just set a bunch of questions in motion with no particular idea how to solve them. "Snoke" being an acronym for Sith No One Knew Existed still seems plausible to us, because, like, who names their baby boy "Snoke"?

Well, now Abrams will have to figure it all out, in addition to working around Carrie Fisher's death: Lucasfilm just announced that he will conclude the new trilogy by writing and directing Episode IX. Here's hoping that he had some idea about what Rey's parentage means, or how Kylo Ren went bad, and that whatever wrinkles Johnson added can simply enrich those scenarios. 

Abrams has generally been better in the past at setting stories in motion than wrapping them up, but if he gets help again from Lawrence Kasdan and is guided by Kathleen Kennedy, he ought at least to be able to capture the feel of The Force Awakens, which hit nostalgia buttons pretty hard, but also created characters like BB-8 and Rey that a new generation could latch on to. (Not to mention other characters like Constable Zuvio, who got made into a toy, cut from the movie, and now hangs out alone on the pegs of drugstores across America.)

We may never know what Colin Trevorrow had in mind, though no doubt he'll spill whatever he's legally allowed to in a memoir some day, and we can (and should) make all the jokes about Rey running in heels. But we do know Abrams is a big Star Wars fan, and he knows what will happen if he fails to stick the landing, as we assume he's had at least one conversation with pal Damon Lindelof about the way Lost ended. If they were all Force ghosts the whole time, we riot.

Images: Lucasfilm, Gamestop/Hasbro