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In the Disaster Artist's Full Trailer, Seth Rogen Is the Voice of The Room Fans

By Luke Y. Thompson

In the Disaster Artist's Full Trailer, Seth Rogen Is the Voice of The Room Fans

If you love Tommy Wiseau's whacked-out classic of cinema gone wrong known as The Room as much as we legally require you to, this is The Disaster Artist trailer you've been waiting for, bringing actor Greg Sestero's Ed Wood-like account of the making of the movie to life. An early teaser featuring James Franco-as-Wiseau delivering the infamous "I did naaaaht" line was so underplayed it had fans worried, but this new full trailer is everything:

All the highlights are hit on: "Hi Doggie!", "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!", tuxedo football, greenscreen and more. What's most notable, though, besides Franco appearing to nail the right balance between imitation and caricature, is Seth Rogen's role. Ostensibly playing producer Sandy Schklair, he appears in actuality to be uttering variations on what midnight audiences yell at the screen during showings of the film, pointing out all the absurdities (like Wiseau's explicitly off-point sex-scene choreography) in the process along the way. One suspects some artistic license at work here: it's as if there were a movie about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a producer were shown to have come up with the "asshole/slut" thing by himself.

Nonetheless, it's a useful entry point for viewers who have no idea what The Room is, and an audience surrogate character for those who do. Sestero, played by Dave Franco, is the lead, but he may have some heavy lifting to do convincing audiences that he ever thought making this particular movie would be a good career move. Making Rogen the "Greek chorus" allows Franco's film to have it both ways: the sincere naivete of the protagonist versus the obvious hindsight ridiculousness.

In other words, this trailer hits all its marks. It's true! Is not bulls$%#t! It is naaaaaaaht. Oh hai, marks!

Image: A24