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Hot Picks - Runaways, Heavy Metal Batman, Steampunk Assassins and More!

By Shawn DePasquale

Hot Picks - Runaways, Heavy Metal Batman, Steampunk Assassins and More!

Runaways #2 by Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka

The first issue of this series relaunch was a solid start but left fans clamouring for more. Who was the shadowy figure observing the team from afar? Now that she's back will Gert and Chase still be in love? Where's Old Lace??!! Rowell and Anka better have answers to all these questions and more!

Dark Nights Metal #3 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo

The forces of the dark Multiverse are threatening every corner of the DCU and now Superman is pulled into the deepening mystery.  In addition to being packed full of insane reveals and reintroducing certain, very popular, Vertigo characters to the Rebirth DCU, this special series will be receiving a six-track EP from Warner Bros. Records. The album will be produced by Tyler Bates, who plays guitar for Marilyn Manson and has worked on films like Guardians of the Galaxy, and Mike Elizondo, the senior vice president of A&R at Warner Bros. Records. Throw up your devil horns and read this series!

The Family Trade # 1 by Justin Jordan, Nikki Ryan, Morgan Beem

Steampunk, alchemy, and adventure meet the ocean in this compelling new series that takes place on an island city in a world of mostly water. Jessa Wynn is the youngest in her family of highly skilled assassins who navigate through a world of thieves and spies keeping everyone in line...until Jessa botches a job and inadvertently starts a civil war. Morgan Beem’s gorgeous art is impressively detailed and colored in an eye-pleasing pastel palette that easily draws the reader deeper into Jordan and Ryan’s complex world.

Hatchet #1 by James Kuhoric, Andrew Mangum

The gruesome film series comes to comics as writer/director Adam Green’s hatchet-loving deformed killer, Victor Crowley hunts and brutally murders a bunch of college kids in 1983! This one is guaranteed to be filled with enough gore to fuel your nightmares for years to come!

Harrow County #26 by Cullen Bunn, Tyler Crook

Bunn’s ongoing series features a skinless boy, ghosts, goblins, zombies and all manner of unspeakable evil. It sounds like a terrible place to spend a vacation, but the perfect place to spend your Halloween!

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1955 - Occult Intelligence #2 by Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Brian Churilla, Dave Stewart, Paolo Rivera

It’s October and there’s a new Hellboy story to read, what more do you need to know?! Okay, how about this: Hellboy fights monsters on an island while Bruttenholm discovers a worldwide supernatural conflict that’s about to erupt.

Archie Halloween Spectacular #1 By Alex Simmons, Pat & Tim Kennedy

It’s an all-ages Archie book with a smattering of Halloween-themed stories. The real question here is: WHY DIDN’T THEY CALL IT A SPOOKTACULAR?!

God Complex #1 By Paul Jenkins, Hendry Prasetya

This trippy new series from Paul Jenkins, the guy who wrote the best Inhumans run Marvel ever published, portrays a bizarre future filled with virtual reality helmets and mythological gods. The story follows a digital-forensics investigator named Seneca who is on the case of three church acolytes who ended up dead in an alley. Things only get weirder from there, but in Jenkins’ expert hands there is plenty of potential to bring readers back for more.

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