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Here Are Our Favorite Female WWE Prospects From the Mae Young Classic Tournament

By Heather Wixson

Here Are Our Favorite Female WWE Prospects From the Mae Young Classic Tournament

For the WWE Network's historic Mae Young Classic tournament, 32 female competitors were given the opportunity to compete in front of NXT audiences for a chance at greatness, and to stake their claim in the realm of women’s wrestling. There can be only winner for the 2017 MYC, Kairi Sane, but that doesn’t mean NXT should overlook some of the other talented athletes who participated in this monumental competition. Here’s a rundown of several of the women featured in the tournament who would make killer additions to the NXT roster.

Piper Niven: This Scottish bonnie proved in the MYC that you cannot judge a book by its cover, much like her home country’s signature dish, haggis. A spitfire competitor whose powerhouse style is just as deadly as some of her aerial tactics, Piper Niven is a double threat whose moves go down smoother than a well-aged whisky. She has more than earned her nickname “The Viper” throughout her career, with her tournament foes quickly realizing that you can never anticipate how or when Piper, and her version of the Vader Bomb, will strike next.

Bianca Belair: A Cross Fit athlete who is still a rookie in the world of professional wrestling, Bianca Belair proved in her second round match in the MYC that she could more than hang with the more seasoned pros. The self-proclaimed “Genetic Beast” gave Kairi Sane one of the nastiest attacks we saw during the whole tourney, courtesy of her braided hair whip, making for a hellacious coming out party for the rising star. Right now, she might not be the “biggest” or the “baddest” in NXT, but sooner or later, Bianca is primed to reign over the Women’s Division as “The Est” (the declarative statement that’s plastered all over her ring gear).

Dakota Kai: This sassy New Zealander has some of the deadliest kicks around, so don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you –- when Dakota Kai gets in the ring, she’s going to bring the pain. With a penchant for putting the boots to her adversaries, Dakota’s diving double foot stomp is one of the best in the business –- even surpassing Finn Balor’s in precision and execution. With the way she confidently punts her adversaries around the ring, it’s only a matter of time before this Kiwi is holding the NXT Women’s Championship.

Toni Storm: While her tiny hat and Steampunk sunglasses may be an indicator that Toni Storm doesn’t take her character too seriously, this hard-hitting Aussie always means business whenever she steps into the ring. A perfect mix of strong style grappler, stunning good looks and a glam-infused rock and roll sensibility, it only makes sense to keep this “Rebel, Rebel” and her devastating hip attacks involved in the ever-evolving Women’s Division, as Storm always brings a good time with her whenever she hits the squared circle.

Jazzy Gabert: Also known as the “Alpha Female,” German wrestler Jazzy Gabert quickly became a MYC fan favorite, even after shockingly losing her first round match against Abbey Laith. Gabert’s immense stature and power would add some interesting flavor to the landscape of women’s wrestling here in the States, especially with that whole “Female Drago” vibe she has going on. And if WWE is in search of a woman competitor that could easily handle her male counterparts, Jazzy has the talent and the raw power to crush opponents of any gender.

Tessa Blanchard: Most wrestling fans may know her because of her Hall of Fame father Tully, but Tessa Blanchard has spent the last several years blazing her own trail inside the squared circle, evolving into one of the strongest women wrestlers on the indie scene. While her promo skills aren’t quite there yet, Tessa is an assured wrestler who brutalizes any of her opponents with a savage slingshot belly-to-back suplex, or her wicked diving senton bomb, proving that Blanchard is poised to be an effective Women’s Champ eventually –- she just needs to bust a few more brains first.

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