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Heather Henson-Curated Selection of Puppet Shorts Coming to VOD

By Luke Y. Thompson

Heather Henson-Curated Selection of Puppet Shorts Coming to VOD

For over a decade now, Heather Henson (of the puppetry Hensons) has been curating a series of short puppetry films by independent artists through her IBEX Puppetry Inc., spanning all genres and forms of practical, handmade craft (while some are augmented with animation, she considers puppetry and animation to be entirely separate arts). But unless you were lucky enough to catch screenings at art galleries and film festivals, the Handmade Puppet Dreams series wasn't always the easiest thing in the world to see.

Until now. Via the curated streaming service Filmstruck, a collection of ten of the best has now made it online. Here's a tease:

Even without hearing any dialogue, you can see the diversity of subject matter and tone at work here. High fantasy, whimsy, horror, and broad comedy are all represented, along with puppets that range from elaborate, Dark Crystal-like creatures (that'd be because Brian Froud's son Toby made that one) to paper cut-outs and more classic Muppet-types. Among them is the Sam Koji Hale-directed fantasy short "Yamasong," which has since spawned a feature that's shopping around for distribution as you read this. Hey, if you've got the money, maybe it can be yours to distribute!

Yeah, look at that picture and tells us you don't want to see that as a full-length movie. You can't, because you are a human being who obviously likes good things.

Filmstruck is $6.99 a month, and that's probably cheaper than a festival ticket to see Handmade Puppet Dreams would have been, so it's a solid deal. Pull the strings!

Images: Filmstruck/Heather Henson/IBEX