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Got the Blus: E.T., Phone Your Mummy

By Luke Y. Thompson

Got the Blus: E.T., Phone Your Mummy

Highlighting the biggest Blu-ray releases today...

The Mummy

Universal's latest attempt to kickstart a "new age of gods and monsters" confounded many viewers by being an odd hybrid of action, horror, and comedy that didn't weave its tones quite as deftly as the Brendan Fraser films, and seemed more concerned with setting up sequels than being coherent in and of itself. It was still at least moderately entertaining, though, and the good news for viewers who did like it as that the disc comes loaded with extras, including deleted and extended scenes, an in-depth look at how director Alex Kurtzman created the plane crash sequence with a combination of rotating sets and actual zero-gravity flights, early Sofia Boutella makeup tests and much more.

There's also a commentary track with pretty much everyone except Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe; for more on that, check out our larger feature on the tidbits revealed therein.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

It's E.T., but now he's in 4K! Packed with a soundtrack CD and a booklet introduced by Drew Barrymore, this is the version without CG walkie-talkies, and a movie that's somehow consistently underrated despite being one of the biggest hits of all time. Watch how Steven Spielberg shoots it like a horror movie, even though the tone is of a sci-fi melodrama, creating a world that feels laden with hidden secrets. Also, prepare to explain to younger viewers why the eponymous alien couldn't just use a cell phone to call home.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Yes, it's the other critically beloved movie from earlier this year that Jordan Peele was involved with. We presume that aside from his presence, this has nothing in common with Get Out. Except perhaps a healthy distrust of authority figures, executed in very different ways.

Orphan Black: Season 5

The good clone saga comes to a close in its final season.

Don't Torture a Duckling

Really, don't. What's wrong with you?

Dead Again in Tombstone

Raise your hand if you knew this was a sequel to a movie called Dead in Tombstone. Really? Because we just made that up. Kidding! It is in fact the second installment of Danny Trejo's adventures as a ghost cowboy, and he even made special one-day-only promotional donuts for it to sell at his Los Angeles coffee shop. And yeah, they sold out before anyone at the Wizard offices could get there in time. But that's okay. Trejo still rules.

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