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GEOSTORM Brings Down the World in a New Trailer

By Blair Marnell

GEOSTORM Brings Down the World in a New Trailer

If you’ve seen one Roland Emmerich film, then you’ve pretty much seen them all. And while Geostorm may look like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, or even ID4 without aliens, it’s not actually an Emmerich film. Instead, it’s Emmerich’s long time partner, Dean Deviln, who gets to destroy the world this time. Devlin is making his directorial debut with Geostorm, and it looks like he’s got his own reign of terror to share with movie lovers. The new trailer for Geostorm is out, and if the rest of the film follows this path, Devlin may actually out-Emmerich Emmerich! 

As laid out in the fairly spoiler heavy trailer, the world of Geostorm features massive space satellites that can control the weather. Together, the satellites can stop a natural disaster before it happens. Given recent events, that’s probably a very enticing prospect. Here’s how it’s going to go wrong: someone has apparently figured out how to use the setup to cause disasters instead of solving them. Now that I think about it, it’s the freakin’ Weather Dominator from the original G.I. Joe cartoon series! All this film needs is Cobra Commander, Destro, and a bunch of gung-ho military types in outlandish costumes to be the greatest G.I. Joe movie ever. 

The trailer manages to hide the identity of the story’s villain, but it does introduce us to Gerard Butler’s astronaut bro, Jake Lawson, as well as his actual brother, Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) and Jake’s daughter, Hannah (Talitha Bateman). If Emmerich movies have taught us anything, it means that these three will be instrumental in saving the world...if there’s anything left to be saved. And don’t forget about the love interests! Jake’s got his eyes on Ute Fassbinder (Alexandra Maria Lara) the commander of the space station, who is basically his boss. And Max has his heart set on Secret Service Agent Sarah Wilson (Abbie Cornish). But all we really know about the plot is that Jake and Max will have to find President Andrew Palma (Andy Garcia) to get the codes to shut down the weather satellites. And if we had to guess who is behind the destruction, we’d say it’s U.S. Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom, simply because he’s played by Ed Harris. Who else is it gonna be?

Obviously the world’s going to Hell before the Lawson brothers succeed. But that’s always been the fun of disaster movies. We want to see the buildings and the monuments come down in spectacular fashion. Maybe Devlin will even blow up the White House again. It looks like this movie is upping the scale and literally treating buildings like dominos and letting them fall. There’s a cold snap so intense that it appears to instantly freeze people on the beach when it catches up to them. There’s also the implication in the trailer that whoever is behind this disaster is attempting to reshape the world. That’s very Lex Luthor of them. But we’ll see in a few weeks just how much the Earth will change in the face of the Geostorm. The movie will hit theaters on Friday, October 20. 

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures