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Generations: The Spiders #1 Sends Miles to Peter's Past (Exclusive Preview)

By Blair Marnell

Generations: The Spiders #1 Sends Miles to Peter's Past (Exclusive Preview)

At this point in their lives, Peter Parker and Miles Morales aren’t strangers to each other. They’re just Spider-Man and Spider-Man. While the age gap wasn’t quite as pronounced in the Ultimate Universe, the older Peter of the regular Marvel Universe is basically Miles’ mentor and his guide to the wider world of superheroes. But what if their roles were reversed?

Next week, Generations: The Spiders #1 will send fans back down the Vanishing Point, and we blame Kobik! That sentient Cosmic Cube/little girl thought it would be a nice thing to send the current generation of Marvel heroes back in time to meet their counterparts in their prime. And as you can see in our exclusive preview pages, it looks like Miles is going all the way back to the ‘60s!

Thanks to Marvel’s continually rolling timeline, Peter Parker probably went to high school in 2007 or so. Fortunately, artist Ramón Pérez appears to be intentionally keeping the fashion choices of the ‘60s intact, while giving his pages an aged appearance. More tellingly, Miles is completely disoriented by the experience and his unexpected throwback wardrobe. And because this is the past, Miles knows everything about Peter, but Peter has no idea who he is.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis is setting the story at time that should be familiar to old school Spider-Man fans. This is taking place during Peter’s time in high school, when his beloved Aunt May was near death every 30 days and his fellow students treated him like dirt. On top of that, J. Jonah Jameson was blasting Spider-Man in the press while he was still learning how to be a hero. Miles may even have more experience than this version of Peter!

Bendis is the co-creator of Miles, and the writer of his ongoing series as well as the current Spider-Men II miniseries. Before that, Bendis wrote Ultimate Spider-Man for over a decade and that’s where he updated Peter’s archaic origin story for a modern audience. Bendis was also the writer who killed off Ultimate Peter Parker in a very public way, while setting up Miles Morales as the new Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles has actually become one of Marvel’s most popular new heroes, and he was one of the few characters to survive the end of the Ultimate Universe. All because he gave the Molecule Man a week old cheeseburger!

The original Spider-Men miniseries was the first time that the original Peter and Miles met, but they’ve been a lot closer since Miles essentially moved to the regular Marvel Universe. And while Spider-Men II seems to be putting Peter and Miles at odds while sending them against an evil Miles Morales (it’s a long, long story), Generations represents a chance for Miles to relate to Peter as a peer and a friend. But this is comics, and it just wouldn’t be a Marvel crossover if the Spider-Men didn’t come to blows at some point! Unless Bendis really wants to subvert the crossover formula. Either way, the two are going to share the stage once again!

Marvel’s Generations: The Spiders #1 will be released on Wednesday, September 27.

Images: Marvel