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G.I. Joe Will Team up With the Six Million Dollar Man in 2018

By Blair Marnell

G.I. Joe Will Team up With the Six Million Dollar Man in 2018

One of the joys of comics is that anything is possible within the pages of a comic book. Characters who would ordinarily never cross paths in another medium can easily team up and crossover in new and bizarre storylines. There was a G.I. Joe and Transformers comic book crossover in the ‘80s, decades before anyone was talking about cinematic universes. More recently, G.I. Joe has teamed up with Danger Girl. Street Fighter, and even formed its own Hasbro-centric comic book universe. But the next G.I. Joe crossover may be the most unlikely team up of them all.

Io9 was the first to report that IDW and Dynamite Entertainment will publish a four issue miniseries in which the G.I. Joe team will take on Steve Austin, a.k.a the Six Million Dollar Man. Of course, that fight will take place before the inevitable team up against a common enemy. But just because the story is easily predictable doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun.

Along with the announcement came the first cover image by S.L. Gallant, an artist who has made a name for herself with the G.I. Joe franchise at IDW. For this miniseries, Gallant will be joined by  Ryan Ferrier, the writer of Rocko’s Modern Life. The cover features G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes challenging Steve Austin. But the amazing thing here is the inclusion of Cobra ninja Storm Shadow...and what we can only assume to be Bigfoot from The Six Million Dollar Man TV series. 

In all likelihood, the setting for this story will probably be kept intentionally vague. But if it were to be set in the ‘80s, it would track with the G.I. Joe team’s most popular era and establish Steve Austin as a ten year veteran secret agent of OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence). Plus, it has to be in the past, because with inflation, Steve Austin would easily be the Six Billion Dollar Man at this point. Bionics aren’t cheap!

That said, it would be kind of awesome if this story was set in the seventies, if only to feature General Joe Colton, the original G.I. Joe. The first G.I. Joe toyline predated the Six Million Dollar Man by a decade, but the characters from those action figures were probably more like contemporaries to Steve Austin than the Joes from the ‘80s.

And because of the mad, mad multiverse of comics, we can now connect Steve Austin to Wonder Woman ‘77 (through her recent crossover with the Bionic Woman), and Batman ‘66, who had his own team up with Wonder Woman ‘77. From Batman ‘66 alone, the crossover tree branches out to the Avengers (the '60s TV version), the Green Hornet, and more. More than anything else, we’d love to see a team up between Steve Austin and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Boom! Studios publishes WWE comics, so it’s not impossible!

For now, we’ll definitely check out G.I. Joe/The Six Million Dollar Man #1 when it arrives in January 2018.

Images: IDW/Dynamite