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Funko Teases Possible Bob Ross Deadpool POP Figure

By Luke Y. Thompson

Funko Teases Possible Bob Ross Deadpool POP Figure

That was fast!

Just this morning, we saw Wade Wilson get his happy little trees on as he donned the frizzy wig of late painter Bob Ross. Funko, which has the toy rights to both, immediately took to Twitter with this new image:

Asked by fans if it was real, the company was cagey with answers like "How do you define real?" There's certainly no reason for it not to happen, since the Deadpool trailer must have cleared muster legally, and Marvel will sign on to pretty much any crazy version of Deadpool merchandise that can be dreamed up by man.

Except Hasbro figures based on the movie. The Fox rivalry still keeps that from happening.

You'd buy this, right? Tell Funko you want to see it! They'll make pretty much anything there, so...

Image: Fox