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Fox Is Going to Adapt Hitman Again, This Time for TV

By Luke Y. Thompson

Fox Is Going to Adapt Hitman Again, This Time for TV

You'd think after trying two different cinematic approaches to Hitman -- one with Timothy Olyphant starring as the bald, gun-toting badass and a reboot with the relatively unknown Rupert Friend replacing him -- that Fox would stop trying to make this A Thing.

But that's old world thinking. Both movies may have bombed in the U.S., but they made their budgets back in international grosses, because bald guys with guns and red ties translate into any language. It's how Jason Statham got a movie career, after all.

So yeah, now it's going to be a Hulu series (per Deadline), and will supposedly stick closely to the mythology of the games this time around, because they totally never tried to claim that would be the case when they rebooted before. This time, however, John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad is aboard, and he presumably pitched it as John Wick meets Hitman. He is also attached to the John Wick TV series The Continental, and if this works out, likely to eventually get very, very sick of guys in black suits with guns.

In theory, TV could be a much better way to go than movies in adapting video games, as games with any kind of narrative generally have stories that play out in way more than two hours, and condensing it often leads to nonsense (albeit sometimes an amazing kind of nonsense, like the nowadays-more-appreciated Super Mario Bros.). We're calling it...Resident Evil will probably be next. It is, after all, pitchable as John Wick meets The Walking Dead.

image: Fox

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