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[UPDATED with Monster Poster!] First Look at The Rock in Rampage

By Luke Y. Thompson

[UPDATED with Monster Poster!] First Look at The Rock in Rampage

Shocking, isn't it? He looks like The Rock.

These first stills come to us via USA Today, which also reveals that the plot will feature Dwayne Johnson's character, David Okoye, trying to save his ape pal George from meeting a Kong-like fate when he starts growing huge and smashing things. A giant wolf named Ralph and crocodile named Lizzie are also standing in the way, with watchmen's Malin Akerman as a villain who presumably made the creatures grow big and dangerous in the first place, somehow.

You can probably expect a trailer in time to promote alongside Johnson's other adventure with fierce animals, Jumanji. In the meantime, here's a look at him with costar Naomie Harris as Dr. Kate Caldwell.

Johnson proclaims that he's both a fan of the original game and of kaiju stories, which we absolutely believe because he seems to be a big fan of everything. Except maybe long-sleeved shirts. Seriously, dude, why would you wear white when you know you're going into big, dirty danger? That black shirt you used to wear to the ring? JUST BRING IT!

At least Harris isn't wearing heels to fight monsters. Somebody learned something from Jurassic World.


And here is our first look at George. The trailer is now confirmed to drop tomorrow.

Images: Warner Bros.