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First Look at Jude Law as Young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2

By Luke Y. Thompson

First Look at Jude Law as Young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts 2

There he is on the far left, with Johnny Depp's Dennis Hopper-as-Koopa-like villain Grindelwald on the far right. In between: characters we've seen and some we haven't, all dressed rather normally, and not quite as exciting in revelation as if we had a book to know what their appearances signify.

Per Deadline, they are...

Law as Dumbledore; [Ezra] Miller as Credence; Claudia Kim as Maledictus, the carrier of a blood curse that destines her ultimately to transform into a beast; Zoe Kravitz as Leta Lestrange, who had once been close to Newt Scamander but is now engaged to his brother; Callum Turner as Newt’s older brother, Theseus, a celebrated war hero and the Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic; [Katherine] Waterston as Tina Goldstein, who has been reinstated as an Auror for MACUSA; [Eddie] Redmayne as Newt, who has now gained fame in the wizarding world as the author of what will eventually be a Hogwart’s text book, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them; [Dan] Fogler as the only No-Maj in the group, Jacob Kowalski; [Alison] Sudol as Tina’s free-spirited sister, Queenie Goldstein, Legilimens who can read minds; and Depp as the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald.

Here's that image again, but in Harry Potter-style photo-motion, along with the new title unveiling:

Clearly, Warner Bros. wants to put the focus on the fact that they've got Johnny Depp, but it's not clear that that's as sure a bet as they might once have hoped. The last Pirates of the Caribbean movie was only saved by international grosses, while the first Fantastic Beasts made a larger proportion of revenue domestically. Depp may have convinced himself that he is a beloved English master thespian like so many other Harry Potter franchise mainstays, but (a) he isn't and (b) if he'd stop relying on fake accents and funny wigs, and go back to stretching the actual acting muscles, that'd be grand.

Maybe he will. It's just hard to imagine him as a scary villain. The Astronaut's Wife in 1999 was maybe the last time he was legit frightening.

Jude Law looks good, though.

Image: Warner Bros.