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Final Justice League Trailer Offers Humor and Snyder-ness

By Luke Y. Thompson

Final Justice League Trailer Offers Humor and Snyder-ness

If you were worrying that somehow Joss Whedon directing reshoots for Justice League would result in an entirely different movie...maybe don't. The latest (and probably last) trailer is very much a Zack Snyder feature. It's also the first to include Henry Cavill's Superman, whom we get right upfront in a dream, as part of a scene reminding those who did like Batman V Superman that this is indeed still the sequel to it.

By now it's pretty clear what we're going to see, and it mostly looks like a battle royal with Parademons underneath a red sky, with a healthy dose of shirtless Jason Momoa, because this is, after all, the guy who made ancient Spartans all about the abs, abs, abs.

Cyborg and Aquaman doing their own version of the "fastball special" is a nice touch, though Ezra Miller's fanboy-ing about Batman feels perhaps a bit too much like the optimistic audience response. Like, is the Bat-signal really super-novel in a world where Batman is a burned-out veteran? Maybe, if the Daily Planet only a couple years ago figured out he was a worthwhile story.

Now, will Snyder follow up on that extremely weird Flash scene in BvS? Or will it be written off as a dream? Does it matter, so long as Steppenwolf is cool? (Can't wait to see Ciaran Hinds actually deliver dialogue in that form) We'll find out next month.

Images: Warner Bros.