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Fan Trailer: Jason Vs Michael Is the Slasher Showdown We Really Want to See

By Eric Diaz

Fan Trailer: Jason Vs Michael Is the Slasher Showdown We Really Want to See

When Jason Voorhees got to take on Freddy Krueger in 2003's Freddy vs Jason, it was billed as the battle horror fans had been waiting their whole lives for. And to be perfectly honest, it was pretty fun to watch. But truth be told, both of these famous slashers with guy-next-door names are really cut from two totally different cloths. The one battle royale that horror fans really want to see is that one that hasn't happened yet -- Jason Vorhees vs Michael Myers, "the Shape" from Halloween.

Jason vs Michael feels like a much more even match than Freddy vs Jason, now doesn't it? After all, in many ways Jason is the spawn of Michael Myers. When John Carpenter's Halloween unexpectedly hit big in the fall of 1978, a whole new genre was born - the slasher film. There had been earlier silent killer films, of course (Black Christmas, for example), but Halloween really solidified what made a slasher movie a slasher movie in the eyes of the movie going public.

With the massive success of Halloween, Paramount Studios wanted their own low-budget killer thriller, and they got one with Friday the 13th. Although the series started with a female killer at first (Jason's mother Pamela Voorhees), it eventually morphed into a more brutal Halloween copycat, when Jason emerged as the killer.

How similar are the two? Let us count the ways. Silent, masked unkillable slasher? Check. Ability to get shot, stabbed, etc. and not die? Check. Loves to kill copulating teens? Check. Owns a spooky date on the calendar all to himself? Check.

But while Jason eventually got to fight Freddy to the death, fans have been waiting for the real showdown to hit movie theater screens -- Jason vs Michael. And due to the Halloween rights holders being notoriously stingy about sharing their character's screen time with other "lesser" movie murderers, it doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.

Both notorious slasher icons are scheduled to make return appearances on the big screen soon, but separately, of course. John Carpenter is producing a new Halloween film from Blumhouse Productions that is scheduled to hit in October of 2018, while another Friday the 13th reboot has been on and off the schedule at Paramount for years now, ever since the 2009 reboot made money but divided fans. Maybe if both of these properties end up at Blumhouse, a real Jason vs Michael movie can happen one of these days.

In the meantime, though, a new fan-made trailer from Stryder HD has shown up on YouTube, edited together from moments from both the Halloween and Friday the 13th films, plus some footage of a confrontation between Jason and Michael, taken from a fan film made by Trent Duncan. This well-done trailer really whets our appetites for what could have been. Or might possibly still be, assuming that the respective rights holders of each character get over themselves and realize there is money to be made from a clash of these two cinematic titans. 

Images: Trent Duncan, Paramount, Falcon Productions