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Did Universal Studios Just Tease a Stranger Things Collaboration?

By Luke Y. Thompson

Did Universal Studios Just Tease a Stranger Things Collaboration?

It started with a Tweet that could have just been a clever punny reference...

And yeah, Universal houses Shrek attractions, featuring the waffle-loving Donkey, but Upside Down + waffles = Stranger Things, at least by association. Still, there's room for doubt. Maybe they just thought the upside down photo looked cool, and made a joke?

Well, the plot thickened when Eggo jumped in the thread, and Universal responded just the way you'd hope:

Then there's some argument in the Wizard offices about this Tweet. Some of us think the two heart icons are an obvious Grinch-mas nod, but Christmas lights are also notable for their role in Stranger Things, and it does say "THINGS" are happening, so...

So if there is something brewing, what could it be? Perhaps a pop-up store, which might explain why they shut down the bar in Chicago? It might not be too difficult to re-skin the aging E.T. ride for Stranger Things, much as Back to the Future became The Simpsons, but replacing an iconic property with one that has only proven itself for two seasons might be premature. Or it could just be a really premature tease of Halloween Horror Nights for next year, where an Upside Down maze would absolutely make sense.

Like the show itself, we're sure Universal Orlando will give up more secrets when they're good and ready to.

Image: Netflix