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Deadpool Targets Cable in The Despicable Deadpool #287 (Exclusive Marvel Legacy Preview)

By Blair Marnell

Deadpool Targets Cable in The Despicable Deadpool #287 (Exclusive Marvel Legacy Preview)

This week, Deadpool enters the Marvel Legacy era with his newly renamed and renumbered series, The Despicable Deadpool #287. And as the name implies, this isn’t the friendly heroic Deadpool we’ve gotten used to over the past few years. He’s not even a Ryan Reynolds-like antihero, and he’s certainly not an Avenger. Deadpool is breaking bad again, and he’s going after his old friend Cable.

You may be wondering how this came about. Well, Deadpool made a few questionable choices during Secret Empire. As in very questionable. He killed S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson because Hydra Cap said so. And then he killed Agent Emily Preston when she confronted him about it. At the time, Wade Wilson had such blind faith in Captain America that he would have done anything for him. Now, he’s paying the price for that devotion. 

The Secret Empire has fallen, and Deadpool is still considered to be a traitor to the heroes because he was a highly visible collaborator. But the truth is more complicated. Deadpool knew he screwed up, and he tried subtle ways of helping the heroes and undermining Hydra from within. However, the trust that he had earned was already lost and it’s simply too late to go back. Now, he’s no longer an Avenger and the public hates him. And things are about to get much, much worse.

Months ago, Deadpool was forced to call upon Cable’s evil clone, Stryfe, for help. In return for saving four lives, Stryfe demanded that Deadpool kill four people of his choosing. At Deadpool’s lowest moment, Stryfe has decided to call in that debt by demanding the death of Cable...and the life of Wade’s daughter, Eleanor, is being used as collateral. Eleanor may hate Wade now, but he still loves her. So, Cable’s got a bullet or ten thousand with his name on it!

What’s really tragic here is that Cable was one of the first Marvel heroes to recognize that Deadpool could be a hero. Deadpool was actually introduced as a villain who fought Cable’s New Mutants/X-Force team, but they formed a very close bond when they shared an ongoing series. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Scott Koblish are shattering that bond in “Deadpool Kills Cable” Part 1. Judging from these pages, Deadpool already has Cable on the ropes and he’s taken out his ability to time travel or teleport. In fact, Deadpool is acting like this is his own decision, and Cable is taking his heel turn at face value. 

Can Deadpool still be redeemed? Maybe at some point in the future, but not anytime soon. It would take a lot to rehabilitate his image within the Marvel Universe itself. The more pressing questions are these: Will Deadpool succeed in killing one of his best friends? And if Wade somehow manages to put down Cable, then who are the remaining three names on Stryfe’s deathlist? 

The Despicable Deadpool #287 hits comic stores this Wednesday, October 11, and we’ll see who’s left standing!

Images: Marvel Comics