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DC Collectibles Introduces Batman Black and White Action Figures

By Luke Y. Thompson

DC Collectibles Introduces Batman Black and White Action Figures

First they made DC Bombshells statues, and many of us could not afford them, so they finally said, "Fine, we'll turn them into awesome, affordable action figures."

But lo, Batman Black and White statues were still a big seller for DC Collectibles, yet many collectors still were not rolling in what we'll call "statue dough." And DC looked upon the Bombshells action figures, and saw that they were good. Then spaketh DC, today, "Yea, though we worship at the altar of black and white statues, we must be also like the children at play." And so, at last...DC Collectibles Black and White Batman action figures were gifted unto the world!

Or rather: they were announced to be gifted to the world come next June. These things take time from reveal to store. And also coming in June? A statue we really hope will get the action figure treatment some day too.

Yup, Dark Nights: Metal Batman. Meeeee-TALLL!

The first lineup of Batman Black and White figures includes Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, and Detective Comics 27 Bat-men, and all so far look like they repurpose existing artist-series figures -- as the line continues, here's hoping for some of the wackier statues that have never seen toy form to get articulated, like the Mike Mignola and Sergio Aragones Batman statues.

Perhaps best of all, though? This gives us hope for Gotham City Garage toys too. Because superheroines as bikers is just a license to take our cash.

Images: DC Collectibles