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Casting Call: IT Chapter Two

By Eric Diaz

Casting Call: IT Chapter Two

The big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is lighting the box office on fire, and becoming more than just a movie, but a major pop cultural moment. Of course, IT is just the beginning, as the adaptation of the second half of the book –- which takes place 27 years later –- is still getting ready to go into production. But who will play the adult versions of the “Losers Club?” We have some ideas…

Stanley Uris   / Ben Foster

Little curly haired and serious Stanley Uris (Wyatt Oleff) could conceivably grow into (sometime) curly haired and serious Ben Foster. Readers of the novel know that Stanley doesn’t have a huge amount of story time in the second half of the book, so it might be a stretch to get a name actor to take over the role. Of course, if the movie could deviate from the novel and give Stanley a bigger role, there might be a chance to get a known actor like Foster to play him.

Jessica Chastain - Beverly Marsh

This is young Beverly actress Sophia Lillis’ choice for the role, and you know what? She’s totally right. Young Bev could easily grow into Jessica Chastain, who has the same combination of strength and vulnerability, not to mention red hair. Chastain is also 40 years old right now, which is the exact right age to play the part, and she has worked with director Andy Muschietti before.

Ben Hanscom / Jerry O'Connell

In the books, chubby Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor) grows up and loses all the weight and basically becomes a hottie. Why, this sounds exactly like Jerry O’Connell, who became famous as the “fat kid” in a similar Stephen King created group of childhood friends in Stand By Me, only to shed all that weight as an adult, become a stud and married Rebecca Romijn. Yes, it’s stunt casting, but great stunt casting.

Richie Tozier / Jay Baruchel

The constantly wisecracking “trashmouth” was played rather brilliantly by Finn Wolfhard, and finding and adult actor who looks enough like him and carries the same manic energy might be a challenge, be we propose This Is The End’s Jay Baruchel. In the novel, Richie becomes a radio DJ in Los Angeles, and don’t tell us you can’t see Baruchel as a morning radio disc jockey.

Mike Hanlon / Chiwetel Ejiofor

In the novel, Mike is the only one of the Losers to stay in the town of Derry, where he becomes the local librarian. After Doctor Strange, we can totally see actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as a serious keeper of knowledge type. And there’s something about the look in his eyes that matches actor Chosen Jacobs.

Eddie Kaspbrak / Zachary Quinto

In the novel, Eddie moves to New York and runs a successful limousine business, seemingly having conquered his childhood issues with his mother. Ultimately, he ends up marrying someone just like his mother. Spock himself ,Zachary Quinto, makes sense in this part, if only because he seems like he could play a neat freak pretty well.


Bill Denbrough / Andrew Garfield

Lanky actor Jaeden Lieberher plays Bill, and is all legs and neck, and the perfect actor to portray the adult Bill (who, like a dozen Stephen King protagonists, grows up to be a novelist himself), is Andrew Garfied, who is also tall, lanky and all neck. Now, Garfield has the opposite problem he had playing Spider-Man, where he was too old to play teenage Peter Parker, in the sense that at 34, he’s a bit too young to play the forty something Bill. But gray up the hair a little bit and it should work.

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