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Carol Danvers' New Journey Begins in Captain Marvel #125 (Exclusive Marvel Legacy Preview)

By Blair Marnell

Carol Danvers' New Journey Begins in Captain Marvel #125 (Exclusive Marvel Legacy Preview)

It’s been a rough couple of years for Carol Danvers. As Captain Marvel, she’s become one of the most prominent heroines in the Marvel Universe. But that prominence comes at a price, as Carol lost her lover, War Machine, in the run up to Civil War II. And she ended up being painted as a tyrant for endorsing a Minority Report-style future crime prevention in the conflict that followed. The blame for Tony Stark’s convalescence and the shaky state of the superhero community can easily be laid at her feet.

During the Secret Empire event, Carol and her team, Alpha Flight, were literally locked out of the planet by the evil Captain America, and they were forced to destroy their space station in an attempt to bring down Hydra Cap’s planetary shield. In the process, Carol lost nearly everything that mattered to her, including her best friend, Bean. 

Later this month, Carol is entering the Marvel Legacy era with Captain Marvel #125, as writer Margaret Stohl and Michele Bandini chart a course for Carol’s new adventures. And if our exclusive preview pages are any indication, Carol and her team won’t be getting any good news soon.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Carol’s previous status quo, Black Panther bankrolled the Alpha Flight station with an eye towards expanding humanity’s role in the cosmos. Conveniently, members of the Canadian superteam Alpha Flight were among the first to sign up, with Carol in command of their mission. But now that there is no station to go home to, there’s not much of a reason to keep the team together.

Carol also has a more pressing need to find Bean, even if she’s not sure where to look or even if she’s still alive. 

Phil Noto’s cover for Captain Marvel #125 does offer a dark hint about what’s coming up for Carol and her friends. The team will soon be reunited to recover the stolen Hala Serum, but the chase will send Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight into an alternate version of the Milky Way. And that realm has its own Captain Marvel and its own Alpha Flight. And if the cover is anything to go by, those are evil incarnations for everyone. 

Captain Marvel #125 will be released on Wednesday, October 25. 

Images: Marvel Comics