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Can't Get the SNES Classic? Try a Super Nintendo Hoodie Instead!

By Blair Marnell

Can't Get the SNES Classic? Try a Super Nintendo Hoodie Instead!

This past couple of weeks, gamers everywhere were out to get the SNES Classic Edition. According to most accounts, it wasn’t as impossible to find as the NES Classic Edition. But “wasn’t as impossible” is still pretty damn near impossible! So there’s more than a few people who are going to have to keep hunting for the SNES Classic. Fortunately, we have a new option for old school gamers who want to fly their geek gaming flag. If you can’t get a SNES Classic, why not be a SNES? And we don’t mean like an Automan transformation into a SNES. That would just be weird! Instead, we’ve got our eye on this stylish Nintendo SNES Classic Hoodie from Merchoid.

What’s the old SNES catchphrase? “Now you’re playing with power. Super Power!” The SNES Classic Hoodie embraces the style of the 16-bit era’s greatest gaming console. Sorry Genesis fans, it’s true. It’s damn true. The SNES had the best titles and the most rewarding gameplay experience. That’s not to say that we didn’t love the Sega Genesis, but we don’t know if we’d wear a Genesis branded jacket. Someone might think we were a fan of a British supergroup! For this hoodie, there is no Land of Confusion. It’s got the grey aesthetic of the SNES console and the words “Super Nintendo Entertainment System” prominently displayed on the front of the jacket.

Merchoid’s official site says that the hoodie is “what Mario wears on his days off,” but it’s a trick! Mario doesn’t take any days off. However, this may still be the closest thing we’ve seen to official SNES cosplay. This retro beauty was made of 100% Polyester, and even the stitched shoulder and arm pieces look like they could have escaped from the ‘80s. Why, you might even say that this jacket is for “Members Only!” Although, we have to take issue with Merchoid’s assertion that the jacket “looks best when paired with a couple of Power Gloves.” The Power Glove was a NES controller, not a SNES device. It may have been an awesome looking device, but the Power Glove belonged to an earlier era. That said, we kind of love that someone dug out a Super Scope lightgun for these photos. 

This jacket is actually, 100% licensed from Nintendo. So you don’t have to worry about it disappearing or getting suddenly canceled. Although if Merchoid wants to give fans the real SNES Classic experience, it should make the hoodies as hard to find as possible and let the scalpers sell them for ridiculously marked up prices. 

The SNES Classic Hoodie is available directly from Merchoid, but it’s only for pre-orders at the moment. If you have $54.99, it can be yours, and it will be mailed to you from the United Kingdom to anywhere in the world, with the price of shipping already included. But if you live on the game grid, we can’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll be able to Tron it you. What we can tell you is that Merchoid is offering a 100 day return policy, so if you find yourself unsatisfied with this bit of awesomeness, you can warp zone it back where it came from and get a refund. Not us though! We know a cool jacket when we see it, and this one will be ours.

Images: Merchoid