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007 Franchise Sparks Bidding War For Bond

By Brian Walton

007 Franchise Sparks Bidding War For Bond

Daniel Craig has put fans of his James Bond at ease by signing on for another go 'round as the titular MI-6 agent with a license to kill at the box-office. The more interesting development of late though is who else wants to join in on the spy trade hustle currently afoot in Hollywood. According to reports by the Hollywood, ahem, Reporter, MGM is seeking a suitor to continue financing the production and handling the distribution of the Bond franchise once again. 

After their contract with Sony expired after the release of Spectre, MGM has enjoyed being courted by most of the major studios for a piece of the Bond mega-franchise pie. Sony looked to continue their relationship, while Universal, Fox and Warner Bros. all threw their hats in the ring.  Warner Brothers was looking like the most likely successor until this week new challengers arrived when both Apple and Amazon also joined the fray.

So who will rise victorious? There are compelling arguments to be made all around, but don't count out Apple's executive team Zack Van Amberg and Jamie Erlicht who left Sony TV to launch Apple's content arm. All companies appear prepared to capitalize on Bond in the same way Disney and Warner Brothers have capitalized on Marvel, Star Wars and Harry Potter, with digital platforms holding the magic data of how everyone's content performs on their internet. 

But who's to say others won't rise victorious thanks to the efforts of James Bond. Amazon already has a potential spy franchise on its hands with the Night Manager if its Bond dreams don't come through. With Mark Millar shipping off to Netflix to bring back the world of Wanted, Greg Rucka has a great case for making a deal at a streaming giant for his Queen and Country series as well as his novels like Alpha.