Wizard World, through our interactive Signature Series, connects our fans’ past with their present. Using 25 years of exclusive Wizard World convention videos, recorded live interviews and memorabilia to create NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), Wizard World looks forward to connecting our fans’ past to their future. But, before we do, we want to hear from you, our beloved fans, so please see below.

Would you be interested in digitally purchasing an NFT of your favorite celebrity, comics, superheroes, movies, and characters?
Are you interested in owning the physical collectible alongside the digital NFT, or do you prefer just the digital?
What type of NFT would you like to own?
What Wizard Brand digital experience would you be interested in participating in (click all that apply)?
How would you like to use your NFT (check all that apply)?
What type of games would you like to use your NFT's in (select all that apply):
Would you be interested in converting your existing collectables into NFT's at live Wizard World events?
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