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  • Friday, Jan. 5, 20187:00 PM - 8:30 PM location: Room 283

    how to bring a character to life

    A Makeup Workshop that will explore the basic techniques and execution of Cosplay Makeup. 

    Learn How to apply makeup, create & correct issues for a variety of settings, what to purchase and how to correctly use tools and products. Every person will leave with a stainless steel mixing pallet and tools with the chance to win more supplies! 

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  • Saturday, Jan. 6, 201811:00 AM - 12:30 PM location: Room 283

    introductory to sculpting/modeling

    Learn how to sculpt and model your own clay creatures and original creations with Expert Sculptor & Prop builder Calen Hoffman of Propcustomz. Propcustomz will provide everything attendees need to make their our custom clay creation! Several physical pre-made examples will be shown along with attendees receiving one on one instructions throughout the course of the workshop! Come for the fun and leave with your own creation!

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  • Saturday, Jan. 6, 20181:30 PM - 3:30 PM location: Room 283

    introduction to worbla

    Would you like to create armor, props, accessories, and so much more? Not sure where to start? Join cosplay artist Princess Morgan for a hands on Worbla workshop. Worbla is a thermoplastic popular among cosplayers for a wide array of crafting purposes. Attendees will be provided with the proper tools and materials to create a piece of Worbla armor. Princess Morgan will help walk you through the steps of molding and shaping your armor that you get to keep and a sample piece to take home!

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  • Saturday, Jan. 6, 20184:30 PM - 6:00 PM location: Room 283

    creators and social media workshop

    There’s no better place for creators and businesses alike to share their content and build an audience than Social Media - but with today’s algorithms, it’s more difficult than ever to build your brand. 

    Take Sophii’s social media workshop and walk away with a wealth of new knowledge about how various social media platforms work, how to maintain a healthy algorithm and better organic reach, self promotion and more! 
    Print outs of the slides will be provided for you to take home and note taking is encouraged

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  • Sunday, Jan. 7, 201811:00 AM - 12:30 PM location: Room 283

    learn to play pokemon

    Calling all Pokémon fans! Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the official Pokémon Trading Card Game? I mean it’s only been around for 20 years! Like many people, you buy the cards because of your love for Pokémon but haven’t exactly mastered how to play the game with the correct rules. Well now you can learn how to play with the help of Pokémon YouTuber RealBreakingNate! Bring your own deck or learn play with one of our pre-made decks! Come learn to play as RealBreakingNate takes you through the game card. Breaking down what cards do and a step by step play through of the game. Not only will you get an introduction on how to play the game but every paid attendee will walk away with a Burning Shadows booster pack! This is a great opportunity to bond with your child and learn how to play the game together or to finally put all those cards to use after buying them for years on end!

    *All children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult! Unpaid adults won't receive a booster pack. 
    Show wristband required for attendance

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  • Sunday, Jan. 7, 20181:00 PM - 3:00 PM location: Room 283

    introductory to molding/casting

    A step by step introductory to making silicone molds and solid urethane resin cast with professional Maker & Prop builder Casey McBroom of Shield Labs. Complete the Sculpting workshop and bring your creation along with you or grab one of the pre-made sculpts provided and jump right into molding/casting your own item! Attendees will receive instructions and have any questions answered along the way! 
    Show admission required for admission

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