Massive Preview Incoming!

the Real into the Virtual

We listened to you — our fanbase. Wizard World has begun transforming the real into the virtual with our NFT strategy for memorabilia. Wizard World will be offering both physical and digital collectibles, and we're looking for fans to help us beta test. Watch the video below!

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We listened to the fans
Survey says....

71% of users want both physical and digital collectibles

We want to connect with you — the fans — to help give us feedback, early and often, in this exciting journey.

When ready, we will be selecting members from our newsletter list at random. Please sign up for updates and a chance to be selected.*

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Why are Non-Fungible Tokens
so exciting?

There are three key reasons why tokenization has the potential to make things even better


Blockchain technology helps preserve your ownership rights and makes digital assets a lot easier to move around.


NFTs can be freely traded on specialist markets. NFTs also solve the annoying problem about 'walled gardens' in games.


The blockchains powering NFTs clamp down on counterfeiting and give buyers confidence that they'll get what they pay for.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates...

Lightsaber signed by Ewan McGregor
Baseball bat signed by Margot Robbie
Wizard Shield Signed by the Avengers™