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'Dynamic Duo' Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester To Attend Eight Wizard World Shows In 2017

"Batman the Animated Series" is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2017, and to celebrate, Wizard World is pleased to announce that Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester, who voiced the "Dynamic Duo" of Batman and Robin, respectively, will attend eight Wizard World Comic Cons this year, beginning in Portland, February 17-19.

Conroy and Lester will also appear at Wizard World shows in Cleveland (March 17-19), St. Louis (April 7-9), Orlando (August 11-13), Chicago (August 25-27), Nashville (Sept. 8-10), Oklahoma City (Oct. 27-29) and Austin (Nov. 17-19).

In addition to "Batman: The Animated Series, Conroy voiced the Caped Crusader in the subsequent series "The New Batman Adventures," "Batman Beyond," "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited." His tenure in the role also includes the DCAU films Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. He also voiced Batman for the character's guest appearances in "Superman: The Animated Series," "Static Shock" and "The Zeta Project." Apart from the DCAU, Conroy has also voiced Batman in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies Batman: Gotham Knight, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

In a tally of performances that include every episode, movie, and guest appearance made as Batman, Conroy has portrayed the superhero longer than any other actor in either live-action or animation.

Lester has been called “the definitive voice of Dick Grayson” by two generations of fans thanks to his portrayal of both “Robin” and “Nightwing” in the iconic "Batman: The Animated Series," "The New Batman Adventures" and the animated feature Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. His voice has also starred in many other animated series such as G.I. Joe (as “Barbecue”), Defenders of the Earth (as “Rick Gordon”), and W.I.T.C.H. (as “Julian.”) He is the first actor to voice the character of “Danny Rand/Iron Fist” (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) and he also portrayed “Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern” in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Recent voice work includes Batman: Arkham Knight (“Dr. Kirk Langstrom/Man-Bat”) and a top-secret animated feature to be released at Comic-Con 2017. On-camera, Loren has guest-starred in numerous TV shows, including "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Bones" and "Parenthood," and he recurred in the HBO hit comedy "Hung" for three seasons.