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Des Taylor, The Trouble with Katie Rogers, Coming to Chicago!

DC Comics, Titan Comics, Universal Music+!

Des Taylor is bringing his special retro-pop art style to WIZARD WORLD. With a number of signed prints, original art and a look into his creator owned superstars Scarlett Couture (Titan Comics), The Blue Lotus (Titan Comics) and THE TROUBLE WITH KATIE ROGERS, his work is going to sell like hot cakes!

Des is a Pop Artist, Designer, Comic Book Illustrator and founder of his own online print and comic art company, DESPOP. Des’s clients have included DC Comics, Titan Comics, ITV Studios, Michael Jackson, Theo Fennell, Chameleon Visual, Hamleys, La Perla, ITV Studios America. 

Known for his distinct animated style and retro pin-up girl art, Des has released his Digital “Romcom” comic The TROUBLE WITH KATIE ROGERS (optioned by ITV STUDIOS AMERICA) via the MADEFIRE motion comic app late last year, he'll be showcasing the art of Scarlett Couture, his DC Bombshell cover art and various pin-up style characters in his vast portfolio.

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