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Charles Martinet, Mario, “Super Mario Bros,” Coming to Portland!

“Here we go!”

As iconic Mario celebrates 30 years of FUN, Charles celebrates his 24th year working with Nintendo as the voice of Mario! Woo Hoo! He also originated and plays the voices of Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi! Ho ho!!!!!

He is very excited to be at Wizard World Comic Con, and you can catch him at autograph sessions, panel discussions, and with his pals in the video game band Critical Hit! Check out the show on Saturday Night!!!

You can also hear Charles’ voice in over 100 other video games, including characters in the Cat in the Hat series, “Parthunax” in Skyrim, “Orvus" in Ratchet & Clank, as well as The Lord of the Rings, Men in Black, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Star Wars, and many more. Charles was also in the 50th anniversary production of War of the Worlds, and played several voices in Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks and David Fincher’s Zodiac.

Charles enjoys cycling, and has done several charity bike rides to raise money for AIDS care and vaccine research. He also has a passion for hiking and loves dogs (and cats too). He travels around the world performing for video games, trade shows, corporate events and making personal appearances at his favorite new events… Fan Shows! Yahoo!!!!

Charles is also working on his autobiography about his life as Mario… More on that later…