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Barry Bostwick Would Love More Spin City With Charlie Sheen

He's played a butt-kicking Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a famously a-hole-ish newlywed, but for Barry Bostwick, the idea that really makes his face light up is a return to his role as clueless mayor of Spin City.

"Yeah, yeah! What would it be about?" he exclaims, when the subject comes up, before answering his own question. "I'd still be the mayor. I think I can still be the mayor. And Charlie Sheen would still have to be the deputy mayor."

Given the way Charlie Sheen's public persona has evolved, the idea that he'd be playing the stable guy holding everything together is even more entertaining now. Maybe Charlie and the Mayor could switch roles? But Bostwick would want every familiar face back.

"I think all the original cast should get back together again, because I think they were brilliant, and so let's go with that," he says. Richard Kind, Alan Ruck, Michael Boatman...that is a great lineup, for sure. but no Michael J. Fox and Carla Gugino? "Let's go with just a reboot of the original Spin City, with Charlie and myself...and Heather Locklear!" Bostwick says. "Let's go with Heather too. She's not a bad-lookin' dame."

Barry Bostwick Would Love More Spin City With Charlie Sheen