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The Porgs Adorably Sing the Star Wars Main Title Theme

By Luke Y. Thompson

The Porgs Adorably Sing the Star Wars Main Title Theme

People already love them and hate them, but one thing you cannot deny is that the Porgs -- those puffin/puppy hybrids from Star Wars: The Last Jedi -- have entered the culture and the merchandising racks in a big way. Porg POPs, Porg mugs, Porg plushes, Porg's like they're the next Ewoks, except they don't try to eat people. As far as we know, anyway.

But just like birds generally sing better than bears, so too do the Porgs have sweeter intonations than that damn Yub-Nub song. Though we are admittedly only dealing with small samples, enterprising producer/musician Volpe -- who records his own songs as well as producing nerdier experiments -- has used the sound bites obtained from a talking Porg toy to recreate the entire Star Wars theme (via Epic Stream). For some, this will be a dream version of the film. A nightmare for others!

As Frankenstein's monster never said to the Gershwin aficionado, "PORGY AM BEST!"

Feel sorry for BB-8. He's no longer the only round, cute, white-gray-and-orange Star Wars thing with black eyes and appealing chirps...Hey! Wait a minute! Nice originality there, Star Wars! Not that we blame ya. When you find the perfect combination, it's like sriracha, or bacon; you just gotta put it on everything.

And maybe it is, as Luke says, time for the Jedi to end. Not because they did anything wrong, though. Just because the Porgs are set to replace them and render them obsolete. Who needs a lightsaber when you have those big adorable...awwwww! So cute...Okay fine GOAHEADANDTAKEOURMONEY!

Porg. Porg Porg Porg.

Can they sing "Lapti Nek" next?

Image: YouTube/Volpe

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