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Playin' With It: NECA Quarter-Scale T2 3D Terminator Figure

By Luke Y. Thompson

Playin' With It: NECA Quarter-Scale T2 3D Terminator Figure

NECA has had the Terminator toy license for a long, long time now, and done nearly every variant from the first two movies (yes, like many fans, they're the kind who only really acknowledge two Terminator movies), but until now, never in their signature quarter-scale style. It's surely not for lack of desire in their part, but more likely retail demands. Toy buyers for retail chains generally like the toys they sell to be tied to some other kind of current or perennial media, and the brief 3D rerelease of Terminator 2 this past summer, provided that essential pretext. This isn't the first Terminator or the first Arnold Schwarzenegger in this size...but it is the first Arnold-as-Terminator. Confused? Behold:

As you can see, NECA didn't go the easy route of simply repurposing their existing Dutch Schaefer head sculpt. Predator was made when Arnold was more jacked up, and the figures show this; by Terminator 2, he was leaner and had more prominent cheekbones. Also, cyborgs don't sweat like manly dudes in a jungle do, so Terminator's finish is more of a flat matte than the shinier NECA "human skin" plastic.

(Joke totally taken from Mad TV's "Stolen Identity" sketch.)

The Terminator comes with removable sunglasses, handgun, chaingun, and shotgun. His bandolier shells look like they can be removed...but fortunately for anyone who lives in a cluttered house and would lose them all, they aren't.

Articulation is heavy on the cut-and-swivel ball joints: elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, mid-torso (though that one isn't very movable). True ball joints on his neck, wrists, and ankles, and then, weirdly, a mid thigh and mid-calf cut joint on his left leg only. All in all this allows for some fairly natural poses.

The chaingun is made of some fairly rigid plastic that could break under stress, so be careful.

You'll probably want to display him wielding this massive weapon, but be warned: the ammo satchel falls off his shoulder easily. A spot of poster tack or Krazy glue might be your friend.

The box is basic and fully showcases the figure. As usual, you'll have to utterly destroy the packaging to get him loose.

How does he scale with other figures the same size and style? Well, he's a bit taller than Dutch, but we'll chalk that up to boot soles. And he does look like the endoskeleton could fit inside him. Just about.

As for other actors...

You can buy this guy for $99.99 from our friends at Entertainment Earth and similar retailers.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson

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