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Netflix's Punisher Announces Release Date With New Trailer

By Luke Y. Thompson

Netflix's Punisher Announces Release Date With New Trailer

Good thing we established that Marvel Netflix shows can be R-rated, right? What we've got here looks like the bloodiest thing Marvel Studios have ever given us, and of course this is the right character to do it with. The story arc was established with the last trailer -- Frank Castle is manipulated by government intelligence into doing bad things, and when he figures it out, they take revenge on his family -- but this one has a little more seasoning in the form of blood and explosions. And Karen from Daredevil.

We can see why this was postponed due to real-world events, but the focus on large-scale conspiracies rather than random acts of violence helps keep it more in the realm of the comic book saga.

Plus they're going all-in on Metallica. Let's keep that up.

OH HAI RELEASE DATE! Nov 17th is just in time for you to binge it all by Thanksgiving. And here's a free tagline idea, Netflix, from us to you: "For the guilty, it's time to get Frank."

Or how about "One man's fear is another man's Castle"? Look, you can't spell "Punisher" without "pun." And his name is right there asking for it.

You're welcome.

Images: Netflix

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