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Disney Zootopia-Pranks DMV Customers With Real Sloths

By Luke Y. Thompson

Disney Zootopia-Pranks DMV Customers With Real Sloths

When somebody utters the phrase "Zootopia in real life," readers who've plunged into the depth of Deviantart fantasies about Judy Hopps may well cringe. But when it's coming from Disney themselves, you're safe. It's all cute. Springboarding off of the film's best-executed joke, the sloth DMV sequence with Flash, Disney surprised some unsuspecting real-life DMV customers with actual sloths.

Now, call us crazy, but we THINK there's a little "Disney magic" at work here. Some of those shots that are just close-ups of claws working mechanical devices seem just a little too crafty for our lazy furry friends.

But today is National Sloth Day, apparently, and that's in honor of the animals and NOT the deadly sin, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. So okay, Disney, we believe these sloths actually put in a day's work. They certainly couldn't have done a worse job than the real-life human employees who lost our paperwork that last time. #NotAllDMVEmployees.

If Disneyland ever makes a Zootopia ride, and the slow-moving line isn't DMV-themed, they'll be doing it wrong.

Image: Oh My Disney!

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